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For Owners

  • Would you like to rent/sell your property but don’t want to waste your time perusing hundreds of facebook groups and social media platforms? Maltarentflat does the work for you.​
  • Advertise your property on our website/app and get in touch with prospective renters/buyers immediately via our Whatsapp option.
  • Upload a personal video walkthrough, showcasing the best of your property.
  • Spend less time and money, and find the best tenants.
  • Find the most responsible and trustworthy agents. Based on their ratings and reviews you can select the agent best suited to your needs and to assist you in selling/renting your property.
  • Read our FAQ for more answers!

Bil-qatra l-qatra timtela l-ġarra.

         – Drop by drop, the pot fills up.
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