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Introducing the First Rental App in Malta

Easing the rental search in Malta at every step!

Malta Rent Property | Free Mobile App
Malta Rent Flat | CTO | Radim Motycka

At Malta Rent Flat, we work hard to give you the best tools to find the perfect home for you. To help us continue delivering on that promise, we’re happy to share we’ve launched the Rent app for iOS and Android to give you an even easier way to find your next home.

The Rent app has a number of features for easier and more enjoyable home searching.


Find Properties that Match your Lifestyle

Lifestyle Search helps prospective tenants quickly grasp if a neighbourhood has the right fit and feel for their lifestyle by surfacing insights straight from the people who know the area best: the locals.

Do you have a family and need to live near parks and schools? Craving some good nightlife or just want some peace and quiet? Now you can easily choose from a variety of lifestyle options to help you find the perfect rental for you.

Connect with Agents Directly via Whatsapp

Our app allows to chat or call via Whatsapp directly with agents. Simply select the property you like and click the big green Whatsapp button (on the picture below)and you’ll be in direct contact with agent or owner of the property.

Malta Rent Flat | WhatsApp Mobile

Unique Property Features

Searching for a rental is simple with the Malta Rent Flat Mobile App. Find your perfect home with unique features like Simple Location Search on the web which gives you the radius around the city you like. See and toggle between map and list views (find properties the way that works for you).

Malta Rentals | Free Mobile App | Unique Features

Multilingual Agents

Our web and mobile app allows you to pick up an agent by your needs. You can filter agents by Location, Language they speak or simply by their name. For instance if you are Russian speaker why not to find the Russian speaking agent! Our search as well allows to sort agents by their rating. To give the rating to the agent you need to create your agent/owner/client account with us. It’s just couple of steps 😉

Malta Buying Apartment | Free Mobile App | Multilingual Agents

Share Anywhere Button

Our IOS and Android rental mobile app allows to share any page to all the social media you have installed on your phone. Click the “Share Anywhere ButtonFirst Rental Mobile App, Introducing the First Rental App in Malta ​, Malta Rent Flat and share the property your friend will definitely fancy directly to his or her messenger, skype, whatsapp or any communicator you are using!

Malta Landlords | Free IOS APP | Malta Island
  • Where to download Malta Real Estate Mobile App?

    You can download or App on Apple Store or Google Play Store.

  • How to Use Direct Whatsapp with Agents?

    In the properties list click the property you like and then simply click big green Whatsapp button which connects you directly with agent or owner.

  • How to Find Flats for Rent in Malta Direct From Owner?

    Download Malta Rent Flat App IOS or Android and find properties with label Owner. Contact the owner directly via WhatsApp by clicking property and then big green WhatsApp button.

The Rent app is available for download now in the Apple App store and for Android users in Google Play.

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